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Re: [IP] Challenges -- gastro and exercise

Hi Lori,

I'm sorry things have been so crazy!  Yuck!

Yes, I've often found that when my A1Cs are low it is reflecting huge swings
and long hypos, not good control.  They tell you to shoot for the 120-180
range but I usually find that a hard range to hold my bgs in.  If I use
90-120, for some reason I seem to do better.  I think because I start
becoming less even in my insulin sensitivity when I run consistently in the
160-300 range.  I don't know if this applies to anyone else or not.

You might try a few days of eating only very very small very very known and
easy to digest all carb meals.  That way you have less swing to worry about,
especially if you take the bolus after you eat.  I also blood test at all
the times not recormmended -- right after eating, 1/2 hour or an hour later
since those are one I tend to bounce around and then again 3-4 hours later
since that's when the long term stuff begins to hit.  Square wave bolus
and/or temp boluses can help space out meals boluses but don't space out
high bg boluses.  Just make sure you test as much as you can when the
insulin is hitting so you can head it off before you get too low.  Again,
the best solution I've ever found is that the better bg control gets, the
less gasto problems I have.  The hard part is just staying on top of it
until you start nailing it and cutting out as much of the swings as

Sorry not to have more fun ideas.  Hope things improve quickly.

Lori Eckrich wrote:

> A few of you may remember me -- I mostly lurk anymore.  I'm back to big
> challenges again, probably gastro related, and am getting no input
> (though requested) from the medical professionals.  My gut appears to
> have almost quit functioning again.  Exercise once again
> puts me into ketones eventually.  Unless my bgs rise immediately
> (happens occasionally), the ketones are not just post exercise ketones,
> they occur as a result of the high bgs.  Now, even when I increase my
> basals
> (temp), I still get to the ketones eventually,  The effect lasts almost
> a day.  I have always worked out very hard 4 days per week.  In the past
> I've been able to control things by controlling my heartrate, keeping it
> about 85%.  Within the past couple of weeks I have noted that my
> heartrate is at that level with 25% decrease in rpm.  I walk a lot at
> work, and never take elevators -- but now I breath heavily after 3
> floors, and I have 6 levels to take care of.  My bgs seem to be either
> at 10 (yes, I'm still conscious, and it is the new, plasma strips) or
> close to 400.  I haven't changed eating habits.  I take that back, when
> I'm high, I don't eat, so I am eating less.  My last A1c was finely
> better than prepump, but I don't think that I want to see the next one.
> Unfortunately, the thought that lows cancel highs is not true, as we
> have clarified often here.  Ruth, Rod, Delaine -- or anyone else, I'd
> really appreciate help.
> Take care,
> Lori
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