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Re: [IP] another question

In a message dated 99-02-03 01:11:54 EST, you write:

<<  The calculation I use is fo a sensitivity factor (y)
 > Regular or Velosulin--- 1500 minus the total daily insulin dose = the
 > of points one unit of insulin will lower the BG (y).  or,
 > Humalog------1800 minus the total daily dose= amt. (y).
 Barb, don't you mean divided by, not minus??
yes, I did mean MINUS. Since I lost my aol version 4, I sometimes click send
before proof-reading...you are ABSOLUTELY correct. Thanks for catching
that...you are the only one who did ...so far.  Oh, well.....like I
said....nobbody is perfect.  Wish I had a perfect error catcher.   :<( !!!!!!!
Barbara B.
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