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Re: [IP] No Pain Testing

John and Fran, that is wonderful that you don't have pain with finger pricks,
but I often do and I suspect many others do also.  Even after warm water, I
don't bleed all that easily (I used to notice bleedly more freely with a low
blood sugar, but I don't notice that anymore), and I am up to the high setting
on the softclix.  If my insurance company's mail order place doesn't have the
comfort curves by the time of my next order, I think I will pay the higher
percentage and try to find somewhere that stocks them.  (actually, what I
really want is the glucose sensor)

But I still think of home blood glucose marketing as a wonder, probably a
life-saver, and the pain is well worth it.

Linda Zottoli
dx 1955 at age 8, pumping since 10/98
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/