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[IP] Forgot to Bolus

Hi all,
A couple of weeks ago, my 16 yrs old son forgot to bolus for his breakfast,
realized that he forgot when he was 23 at lunch.  It took a couple of days
for his BG's to get back to normal.  Two days ago he forgot to bolus and do
blood test at lunch time (at school, 11am).  It struck him at noon that he
had forgot, so he did a test.  His meter said "HIGH".  The meter reads up to
28.9 so he was over 30 at that point.  He bolused 18 units and tested every
20min.  All reading were "HIGH".  At 1:30 he called me at work and told me
what happened.  While on the phone he tested again and was down to 22.6.  By
the time he got home from school he was 12.2.  Now, ever since he has been
having trouble getting his BG's down.  He is needing more insulin per carb,
etc.  Today is better than yesterday though.  Anyway, has anyone ever had a
similar occurance. He has changed his complete infusion set (new insulin,
etc.).  When I looked back at his records it seems that the results of
missing a bolus to be similar this time to the last time it happened.  For
the 2 week period between these mistakes, his BG's were really good.
Does anyone of any thoughts on this?
The Verreault Family
Borden, Ontario, Canada
email @ redacted

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