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Re: [IP] another question

> > The calculation I use is fo a sensitivity factor (y)
> > Regular or Velosulin--- 1500 minus the total daily insulin dose = the amount
> > of points one unit of insulin will lower the BG (y).  or,
> > Humalog------1800 minus the total daily dose= amt. (y).
There is a tool on the HOWTO page that will do this calculation for 
you. HOWEVER -- !!!! be warned that the results of the calculation 
can be 50% or more off from what you really need. I've done a small 
survey of some of the IP volunteers and their REAL numbers differ 
greatly in both direction from th calculated ones. This is one of 
those situtations where YMMV. The calculation is only good as a 
reference point to start insulin therapy. The actual ratios must be 

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