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Re: [IP] meters

On  1 Feb 99 at 19:09, Ruth Elowitz wrote:

> > Lifescan support seems to be better than others, and they at least act like
> > they want to help the user.  The cost of a data cable to hook up to a computer
> > is minimal, under five dollars.  Software to download the data and produce
> > graphs and reports is available as freeware, shareware or commercial programs.
> That's interesting to hear!  I've always had to sit on hold forever and rarely
> gotten much help.  I did finally get a Fast Take so I guess the last time they
> were better.  Other than that they have, over the last 10-12 years been
> uniformly unhelpful.  Told me I'd have to pay for software.  Wonder if it is
> just me?

The software for the One Touch and Profile meters is available from several 
sources - many of them freeware or shareware (pay after trying it out).  The 
"official" software is in the commercial category.  

> Could it be like the 2 pump companies?  Depends who you get and when you get
> it?

That seems to be the case...  they are still telling me that whatever software 
they have available for the InComplete isn't available yet, and it's only for 
"medical professionals" anyway...  It depends on who you get and when you talk 
to them...  you'd think they'd be more interested in the users, but they 
aren't.  The BM (AccuCheck) rep for this area implied that they have a general 
policy of not talking to users - they only want to talk to doctors, preferably 
those who can buy or influence a large number of users.


Randall P. Winchester
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