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Re: [IP] Diabetes Takes another life

On  2 Feb 99 at 17:00, C.M.Ullom wrote:

> I am deeply saddened today. I just got a call, that I wasn't expecting at all
> last night.  ON saturday, one of my dearest friends past away. 
> And I didn't even get to say good bye. 

I think we are all a bit sadder after reading of your grief.  You are "saying 
good bye" in a way that means something though, by passing her story on to us.  
Rest assured that you and your friend's family will be in the prayers of many 
people today.  

> I guess this just makes the pain that diabetes can cause all that much
> more real. 

The pain is real, and I suspect that it lurks in the back of our minds a lot of 
the time.  Then something like this brings it to the forefront...  Remember 
that the people here on the list generally understand...

I hope you get time to think some happy thoughts about your friend...

Randall P. Winchester
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