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Re: [IP] laser tester

> I have tried the Lassett and found it to be pain free.  I didn't see any
> smoke or smell any burning flesh after using it.  I have used "regular"
> lancing devices in the past and felt the sting many hours afterwards. 
> With the Lassett I didn't feel that at all.  I don't think we will be
> rushing to the store to buy one, as you say it is $2000.  They are
> making a smaller one for home use that will sell for approximately
> $1000.  I think we will stick with what we have. :-)

I must confess I've never related to people's description of pain when
finger-lancing. I don't have neuropathy, and have a very good sense of
touch, but I have never experienced pain as such when doing a finger
prick... My fingers bleed easily which is great, and I never press the
lancer hard against the skin - just a light touch. If it doesn't bleed
first go, I just do it again pressing a little harder.

Am I the only one with easy-bleed-no-pain fingers?

It's nearly the same with inserting infusion sets: I just stuff the
Tender straight in - nice and slowly. Do kids physiologically suffer
pain worse than healthy adults? Or do they just scream because it's
someone else doing it? I've never had any need for Emla cream or
ice-cubes. About 1 in 10 times I feel a little pain as I put the tip of
the needle on the skin, in which case I stop and move half and inch.

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