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Re: [IP] incorrect glucometer reading

Michael's right here.  I've tested and demonstrated that both the Fast Take
and the Elite both will read much too low when there is insufficient blood.
I talked with both companies and they agreed off the record that sometimes
the countdown will begin even before there is sufficient blood.  Don't know
why they don't advertise this :-).   I discarded the Fast Take because
there is no way to know for sure if you have enough blood--the company said
make sure to use at least 3 microliters, but since i don't normally carry
around a pipette, this didn't help.  With the Elite, there is a viaual
indicator directly on the strip that shows exactly when you have enough
blood (when the little square is filled).  I've never had a false reading
when this sqaure was filled.

> Accucheck Advantage and expect reliability.  Am I
> being naive?
<<<<<The meter is reportedly very sensitive to the correct (amount)
application of blood to the sensor strip
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