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Re: [IP] another question

email @ redacted wrote:

> The calculation I use is fo a sensitivity factor (y)
> Regular or Velosulin--- 1500 minus the total daily insulin dose = the amount
> of points one unit of insulin will lower the BG (y).  or,
> Humalog------1800 minus the total daily dose= amt. (y).

Barb, don't you mean divided by, not minus??

If I did it the way you suggest above, 1500 - 30 would be 1470, and I
don't think I want to get lowered that much!!!!

But by dividing,  if my total daily insulin dose is 30u, then for
Regular, 1500/30 = 50, which actually IS just about the amount that one
unit of insulin will lower me by. I find that Humalog works about the
same as Regular, but I know others are different! 

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