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Re: [IP] bad days with the d

Lisa Olson wrote:

> WOW!  It really is great to know I am not the only one who went (and 
> sometimes still goes) through that kind of junk.

Hey, I've gone through denial a bunch of times. Or maybe a better word
is rebellion. (This WASN'T supposed to happen to me!) 

What happens is that I get into VERY good control, and then I think that
taking insulin isn't making any difference -- so I go off of insulin.
Because I do have some degree of insulin production, it takes me a
couple of days to go out of whack. My BGs creep up rather than zooming
-- so I can deny a LOT. And if I take at least some insulin every day, I
can go a LONG time (weeks) before I get badly out of control -- and it
is really tempting, sometimes. But then the symptoms start up again, and
I grudgingly admit, that no, my diabetes hasn't gone away while I wasn't

One of the reasons I'm getting a pump is that it will make it harder to
deny that I really DO have DM. I won't be able to go into passive
rebellion -- the pump will be delivering even if I AM having a snit fit. 

I won't have the excuse of "Oh, I forgot to bring my insulin with me", 
or "I'm SO tired, I don't want to go get my injection stuff". 

And I WILL have to accept that yes, I have this disease, even though I
wasn't SUPPOSED to, and I'd better deal with it. I'm SURE the pump will
make it easier to deal with, and I'll end up feeling lots better far
more often -- and that's the REAL goal!!!


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