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[IP] Challenges -- gastro and exercise

A few of you may remember me -- I mostly lurk anymore.  I'm back to big
challenges again, probably gastro related, and am getting no input
(though requested) from the medical professionals.  My gut appears to
have almost quit functioning again.  Exercise once again
puts me into ketones eventually.  Unless my bgs rise immediately
(happens occasionally), the ketones are not just post exercise ketones,
they occur as a result of the high bgs.  Now, even when I increase my
(temp), I still get to the ketones eventually,  The effect lasts almost
a day.  I have always worked out very hard 4 days per week.  In the past

I've been able to control things by controlling my heartrate, keeping it

about 85%.  Within the past couple of weeks I have noted that my
heartrate is at that level with 25% decrease in rpm.  I walk a lot at
work, and never take elevators -- but now I breath heavily after 3
floors, and I have 6 levels to take care of.  My bgs seem to be either
at 10 (yes, I'm still conscious, and it is the new, plasma strips) or
close to 400.  I haven't changed eating habits.  I take that back, when
I'm high, I don't eat, so I am eating less.  My last A1c was finely
better than prepump, but I don't think that I want to see the next one.
Unfortunately, the thought that lows cancel highs is not true, as we
have clarified often here.  Ruth, Rod, Delaine -- or anyone else, I'd
really appreciate help.
Take care,
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or email @ redacted

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