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Re: [IP] another question

In a message dated 99-02-02 21:02:07 EST, you write:

<< It is caluculated using weight and then adjusted (just like basal rates and
 meal boluses).  See Pumping Insulin (I don't have my copy here to look it up
 for you).  I weigh about 122-130 lbs and am relatively small adult and take 1
 unit to 60-70 bg points.    >>
The calculation I use is fo a sensitivity factor (y)
Regular or Velosulin--- 1500 minus the total daily insulin dose = the amount
of points one unit of insulin will lower the BG (y).  or,
Humalog------1800 minus the total daily dose= amt. (y).
Then, if BG is x, subtract where you want to go, divide by the # in the first
result above for the amount to take as extra.  Example:   BG - X / Y = amount
to take, or 
say, 280 - 180 = 100 (points to lower) divided by 50 ( or what ever number you
get with the first calculation) = 2 units to lower the BG 100 points to get to
180.  If the sensitivity factor is 100, then 1 unit would get you down to 180
(or somewhere in that vicinity).  The 1500 formula is in Pumping Insulin, but
the 1800 version is not.  If your anwer is a fraction, round off to a whole
number. It is best to round down for children.   Good luck!  It is a place to
Barbra B. 
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