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[IP] RE Skiing


Different exercises affect my body differently with regard
to bg.  One thing that is important to remember when you are
using a reduced basal to accomodate your exercise is that
the insulin (even H) has about a 2 hour peak activation. 
I'd put that number more like 2.5 hour peak.  Anyway, the
upshot of this is that if you set your temporary basal,
strap on your skis and then head out, the basal rate over
the past 2 to 3 hours is going to dictate your serum insulin
level.  The temporary is time-shifted by at least an hour. 
I woudl recommend setting your temporary basal 1 or 2 hours
before you start.  Then you will have that reduced level
when you need it.


Hi Aaron!.. Yesterday was my first day of skiing, although,
I did
not downhill..but my day was much the same as yours.. I was
a bit nerveous
my insulin requirements, so I called my nurse/educator for
her opinion..she
advised that I would be doing a lot of stopping/starting
(like falling down all
the time)..so she said bolus for meal, and dropping basal
rate from .7 to .4..
for the 3 hours I would be out..

I check my BG at about 1-1/2 into the ski, didn't feel too
bad, just for
curiousity, and I read 1.3 (28)..Boy! that blew me away..I
thought the reading
was low, so I tested again (cold meter)..it registered 1.4..
so I thought I
better do something about it..two sugar tabs, 1 ganola bar
and I made it home
5.4 (118)..do you thing I should of done something
different..if I was doing
hard excerise for an hour or so, I usually QR.. but skiing
is different.. any
suggestions.. and that was a good idea about the hand
warmer.. I'm going to
invest in one..
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