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Re: [IP] laser tester

Just by way of clarification...this IS NOT a testing device, therefore
does NOT perform any tests.  It is merely a $2,000 LANCET device.  I
have heard varying reports from "it is pain-free" to "it smokes and
smells like burning flesh".  Anyone here tried it?  Impressions,


FIS wrote:
> Diabetes Laser Blood Test Approved (12/08/98)
> By Lauran Neergaard AP Medical Writer
> WASHINGTON (AP) - The government has approved a battery-operated laser that
> millions of diabetics can use at home to test their blood sugar without the
> pain of pricking their fingers several times each day.
> Cell Robotics Inc.'s laser, called Lasette, uses a powerful beam of light
> to vaporize a tiny hole in the fingers of children and adult diabetics, so
> they can perform the blood tests vital to keep their diabetes in check.
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