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Re: [IP] meters

> Lifescan support seems to be better than others, and they at least act like
> they want to help the user.  The cost of a data cable to hook up to a computer
> is minimal, under five dollars.  Software to download the data and produce
> graphs and reports is available as freeware, shareware or commercial programs.

That's interesting to hear!  I've always had to sit on hold forever and rarely
gotten much help.  I did finally get a Fast Take so I guess the last time they
were better.  Other than that they have, over the last 10-12 years been uniformly
unhelpful.  Told me I'd have to pay for software.  Wonder if it is just me?

> This is compared to the InComplete, where the support people are still
> saying that the software doesn't exist and if it ever does become available it
> will cost around ninety dollars... except that it isn't for the end users and
> why would we want that anyway...

I had the opposite experience.  The rep came and met with me and helped out and
brought stuff over.  When the software appeared to have a problem (which may have
been my computer) they spent an hour problem solving on the phone and then sent
new software, cables, everything, express mail.

Could it be like the 2 pump companies?  Depends who you get and when you get it?

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