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Re: [IP] Skiing

Hi Aaron!.. Yesterday was my first day of skiing, although, I did cross-country,
not downhill..but my day was much the same as yours.. I was a bit nerveous about
my insulin requirements, so I called my nurse/educator for her opinion..she
advised that I would be doing a lot of stopping/starting (like falling down all
the time)..so she said bolus for meal, and dropping basal rate from .7 to .4..
for the 3 hours I would be out..

I check my BG at about 1-1/2 into the ski, didn't feel too bad, just for
curiousity, and I read 1.3 (28)..Boy! that blew me away..I thought the reading
was low, so I tested again (cold meter)..it registered 1.4.. so I thought I
better do something about it..two sugar tabs, 1 ganola bar and I made it home at
5.4 (118)..do you thing I should of done something different..if I was doing
hard excerise for an hour or so, I usually QR.. but skiing is different.. any
suggestions.. and that was a good idea about the hand warmer.. I'm going to
invest in one..

Aaron Michelson wrote:

> Today, for the first time I went downhill skiing. I've always been
> physically well coordinated and I picked up skiing very quickly. It is so
> much more fun than snow boarding.
> Last night I was 100BG at bed time. I don't remember why I ate a peanut
> butter sandwich with a glass of milk. Because in the morning I was 240BG. So
> I bolused to take it down and drove for an hour. I tested at McDonalds and
> was 270BG. I looked at my pump and the bolus had not registered, woops. So I
> bolused for the high and saved the food. Then I ate without bolusing just as
> the ski lesson began. At the 2 hour end of lesson I was 112BG. So then I put
> temporary basal from .7 to .3 and stopped for lunch, a burger, fries, and
> coke without a bolus. After two hours skiing I'm 240BG. I take 4 instead of
> the normal 5 units to bring it down and ski another two hours. Then I'm
> 145BG. But first my meter won't work. It was so good to get that reading
> after thinking I had no meter. I don't know if it warmed up or what. You
> see, I was a safe level for driving home but when I didn't know I was
> planing to "play it safe" and have a little food. Man, that's an old story.
> I felt so good to leave my BG at a normal range.
> One time I looked for my glucose and realized I'd left it in the car so I
> went the day without any. And my BG tests were calibrated for 15 but the new
> vial was a 10, whoops. And the new vial only had three strips, whoops. OK,
> so I went skiing. That's an accomplishment for anyone. But I. I did it with
> diabetes.
> Adjusting to the pump,
> Aaron
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