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Re: [IP] Diabetes Takes another life

I am so very very sorry about the loss of your friend. I understand as 3 yrs
ago a close family friend died from diabetes in a similar matter and  I
understand how deeply this hurts and the impact it has on us with diabetes is
so deep...

At 07:00 PM 2/2/99 , you wrote:
>I am deeply saddened today. I just got a call, that I wasn't expecting at
>all last night.  ON saturday, one of my dearest friends past away.  My
>friend Linda, was on dialysis for 28 months. She never got a kidney.
>About 5 years ago, she did have a toe amputated, and last night I found
>out that the same foot that they have been battling over finally gave way,
>and became so infected that they had to amputate her leg.  Her son said
>that every since the amputation, she was down hill from there.  Her sight
>was lost many years ago.  She had been pumping for over 5 years.  She was
>my inspiration to go onto the pump.  I saw all the problems she had to
>deal with, and I know I didn't want to. And I didn't even get to say good
>I guess this just makes the pain that diabetes can cause all that much
>more real.  I will dearly miss her. I guess right now I'm so shaken to
>know that this can be in my future.  The complications she suffered, the
>pain and I know frustrations.  To have her eyes go, then kidneys, and now
>everything.  I would like to say, that the doctors told her that if she
>had started pumping 5 years prior to when she had, she might not have made
>it into kidney failure, it would have slowed progression.  I know I now
>have a lot of tools that weren't available when she was diagnosed. But she
>was always in the best control that she could always have, and still ended
>up with all those complications.  
>Time to reach for another tissue. 
>Christene Ullom
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