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[IP] Diabetes Takes another life

I am deeply saddened today. I just got a call, that I wasn't expecting at
all last night.  ON saturday, one of my dearest friends past away.  My
friend Linda, was on dialysis for 28 months. She never got a kidney.
About 5 years ago, she did have a toe amputated, and last night I found
out that the same foot that they have been battling over finally gave way,
and became so infected that they had to amputate her leg.  Her son said
that every since the amputation, she was down hill from there.  Her sight
was lost many years ago.  She had been pumping for over 5 years.  She was
my inspiration to go onto the pump.  I saw all the problems she had to
deal with, and I know I didn't want to. And I didn't even get to say good

I guess this just makes the pain that diabetes can cause all that much
more real.  I will dearly miss her. I guess right now I'm so shaken to
know that this can be in my future.  The complications she suffered, the
pain and I know frustrations.  To have her eyes go, then kidneys, and now
everything.  I would like to say, that the doctors told her that if she
had started pumping 5 years prior to when she had, she might not have made
it into kidney failure, it would have slowed progression.  I know I now
have a lot of tools that weren't available when she was diagnosed. But she
was always in the best control that she could always have, and still ended
up with all those complications.  

Time to reach for another tissue. 

Christene Ullom

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