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Re: [IP] What I need

Sue Ellen Eggett wrote:
> The thing that would be most helpful to me is to hear how others manage
> successfully. What kind of a lifestyle do you live? 

I'm an engineer and need to run around work all the time for 1 thing or 
another. That's pretty much my excercise routine. 

What kind of exercise
> do you do? What kind of a routine do you have? 

Not much of 1, that's why I decided to get a pump 5 years ago.

What motivates you to stay
> on a restricted calorie diet? 

Who's on a restricted calorie diet? I just eat a healthy diet in a fairly
regular way. Of course I probably wouldn't understand an UNrestricted calorie 
diet since I've been a diabetic for 42 of my 48 years......

I am depressed right now, but I respond best
> to fresh ideas. I love to organize but I tire out before I'm through. I'm a
> chart keeper but when my blood sugars bounce around, I get feeling bad and
> I don't want to record the high numbers. I don't want my doctor to see how
> I'm failing.

You are NOT failing, you're finding opportunity's for improvement! It's al in
how you look at it, there aren't good and bad tests, just lows and highs to
to as needed. Don't let it get you down, just do better so you feel better. If
something isn't working at some time, come here and yell at us, somebody will
an idea what's going on.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/