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Re:[IP] bad days with the d

WOW!  It really is great to know I am not the only one who went (and sometimes still goes) through that kind of junk.  Post-pump it is better, but I went through about 4 years (in college and grad school) of Diabetes-denial, and I somehow really thought that if I just ate what I wanted, it would go away.  I always gave myself shots and adjusted for what I ate, but I NEVER tested (I would go on vacation for a week and not even bring my meter), and I ate whatever.  I also lost 30 pounds which I thought was a sign of my good health, but my A1c's ran around 10, so I guess it wasn't.  I definitely got more responsible about 3 years ago, and now with the pump, I don't feel the need to hide from the D anymore.  I absolutely have those days though, where I just want to punish myself and make myself feel bad, so I eat and don't bolus and basically feel like %&^*%(&!  Hang in there, everyone.  We all deserve a big hug just for putting up with it!


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