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Re: [IP] meters

On  1 Feb 99 at 13:49, edward p downing wrote:

> I've been using a Glucometer Elite meter for many years and have
> upgraded along the way. However, I note on the pumpers statistics page
> that the most popular meter by far is the Lifescan One Touch Profile.
> What am I missing? Gee, I always thought my Elite was super & required
> such a small sample.

Lifescan support seems to be better than others, and they at least act like 
they want to help the user.  The cost of a data cable to hook up to a computer 
is minimal, under five dollars.  Software to download the data and produce 
graphs and reports is available as freeware, shareware or commercial programs.

This is compared to the InComplete, where the support people are still 
saying that the software doesn't exist and if it ever does become available it 
will cost around ninety dollars... except that it isn't for the end users and 
why would we want that anyway...

When you spend a couple of hundred dollars a month on their test strips you'd 
think they wouldn't try to gouge you for software and a cable...

The key is to get a meter that you're comfortable with and that you have 
confidence in...

Randall P. Winchester
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