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Re: [IP] Low Batteries

Randall wrote:
> It also depends on the basal rates and boluses.  With my basal rates and 
> boluses the batteries last 4-5 weeks.  I think if you are using over 50u per 
> day the battery life is in this range.  If you are using a lower amount then 
> your batteries last longer.  Use of the features also runs the batteries down 
> quicker - especially the backlight.  

Incidently, in Germany the box of 24 3ml reservoirs comes with a bundle
of batteries inside the box as well. They seem to have been added later,
as there is an extra "batteries inside" label stuck on the outside of
the box. This may be an insurance issue, to force companies to pay for
the batteries, which do otherwise have plenty of non-medical uses...

Evidently Minimed reckon your battery use is closely linked to your
insulin use, as is your reservoir use. So they sell them together. If
you're on 80 units a day, you'll probably get through batteries twice as
fast as if you use 40 units a day, and get through reservoirs twice as
fast as well. Clever stuff.

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