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Re: [IP] As-Part-A-Me On the news last night!

it depends what the long term use results are. I am one who gets siezures from
aspartame. Time will tell the truth if it isn't covered up.
Nothing is 100% safe chemicals or herbs....it is a chemical..and we need to
keep those things in mind.  
Just like I am highly allergic to phenol..and that makes it impossible for me
to use humalog..but phenol and m cresol (other preservatives in insulin) are
cheap to use..but just because it is used doesn't mean it is safe or that over
long period of time it can't cause harm..
same with formaldehyde, pesticides etc..
Somewhere in all of the "bunk" is the truth..and all I know is how it affects
me so I cannot use it.  As we say YMMV :)

At 01:09 PM 2/2/99 , you wrote:
>There was a blurb on the news last night, saying that the information being
>sent around on the Internet is bogus.  The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation
>stated that there was no truth to Aspartame being linked to causes of
>Sclerosis.  The same statement is also true with Lupus.  I am sure that
>Aspartame in large doses isn't the best thing in the world for anyone, but
>Email we have all received is BUNk.
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