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[IP] What I need

Thanks for the quick responses to my sign-up. I think this group is going
to be a good one.

The thing that would be most helpful to me is to hear how others manage
successfully. What kind of a lifestyle do you live? What kind of exercise
do you do? What kind of a routine do you have? What motivates you to stay
on a restricted calorie diet? I am depressed right now, but I respond best
to fresh ideas. I love to organize but I tire out before I'm through. I'm a
chart keeper but when my blood sugars bounce around, I get feeling bad and
I don't want to record the high numbers. I don't want my doctor to see how
I'm failing.

I would appreciate any imput on these points I have mentioned.

sincerely sue
Sue Ellen Eggett
Email: email @ redacted
Phone: (801)423-1993
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/