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Re: [IP] incorrect glucometer reading

IN>Michael Maturen wrote:
IN>> Also please emember that there are other factors that can affect the
IN>> reading.   Some that use color
IN>> reflectance (OneTouch is an example) must not be used in direct bright
IN>> light or dim light.

IN>Yes, and also cahnging light can be a problem. Found that out with my fromer
IN>OT2, if you get betweenit and the room light when it's calibrating, or at th
IN>end of the test it's badly affected.

IN>Ted Quick
IN>email @ redacted
IN>Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/

Guys, I don't remember reading any of this problem in the instruction
book of my OT2 or profile.  You'ld think that Lifescan, (and other
manufacturers) would identify this in their instruction book as a
warning in BIG LETTERS>

David Flagg---Winter Park, FL.--ICQ # 11896094

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