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Re: [IP] Ready to throw pump in lake

> 3).  Gastroparesis.  Recent estimates suggest large numbers of long term type 1
> diabetics have some degree of gastroparesis.  Once it gets out of hand, you get
> those rollar coaster bgs.  Best solutions are to control the bgs (great, huh),
> eat very small meals, cut out almost all fat and eat small amounts of protein,
> eat lots of fruits and vegetables, wait before taking your whole bolus (you'll
> need to come up with a better timing system).  You can e-mail me privately if
> you have specific questions about how all this works.  Gastroparesis is
> diagnosed with a gastric emptying study.  They feed you radioactive something --
> scrambled eggs, juice, sandwhich (it varies from place to place) and time the
> rate at which it leaves your stomach.

When Gastroparesis ( ya, finally know how to spell it ) reared it's ugly head in my
life, I wanted to throw in the towel and sometimes still do.  It's not a constant.
Anyway the test isn't bad and know I have it has made a world of difference.  Yes I
still have those throw in the towel moments but it's much better.  Even being on the
pump improved things immensely.  My first signs were the drastic swing in BS, very
bloated, unable to get out of a low in normal time, had to resort to glycogen shot,
and nausea.

Good Luck and keep us posted.


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