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Re: [IP] Re: Renee are ya there?

Judy (and anyone else in Phila area):
   Dr, Schorr has an OUTSTANDING reputation - especially for kids on pumps. We
know one family who left CHOP ( the renowned Children's Hospital) because they
were getting almost zero help & switched to Dr. Schorr. For the first week
their son was under his care, they spoke to him DAILY. I've heard other
mothers equally delighted with his care. We don't use either CHOP or St.
Chris's (although that's where Melissa's ped. nephrologist is). Her endo is
David Simmons at HUP, but I had to beg & plead for them to admit her to the
practice when she was only 13 1/2, because HUP doctors don't usually see pts.
under 16. Good luck!! I'm sure you'll be pleased.

Regards, Renee
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