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RE: [IP] Long time to work

Hi Don,

For me, Humalog kicks in about the same time after bolus compared to
injection. I have not noticed any time change for Humalog to peak (~3 hrs).
Major change is number of units. I bolus 50-60% less units compared to MDI.

Avner Kornfeld
IDDM 25 years, on the Minimed pump for 8 weeks.

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Does anyone else notice that since going on the pump it takes longer for the
Humalog to act than when I was injecting?

I have only been on the pump for about three weeks and it seems like I have
high BG's 2 to 3 hours after a meal that I have bolused for and then in 4 to
5 hours they are finally coming down.

Another thing that I have noticed is that my insulin sensitivity has seem to
decrease before 5u of Humalog would lower my BG about 100 pts. now it seems
to take about 1.5 times the insulin to get the same drop.

Don D
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