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Re: [IP] Starting to pump

My 2 diabetic kids just started on the disetronic insulin pump in January. I
too opted to have the kids go in the hospital .It was only for 24 hours ,but I
had alot of questions to ask and since I stayed with them There was always
someone around to answer. The hospital we went to has a diabetic wing and the
educator spent from 7am(when we got there) til 8pm that night with us. She did
alot of reinforcement teaching and she went with us to cafeteria to let the
kids pick their own foods and to make sure they knew carb counting and how to
bolus.At this hospital they only admit one new pump patient at a time so that
you get the educator full time.
                                                           Doreen mom of 2 new
                                                             my kids are 11 &
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