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[IP] Big change

hey all:

Just a quick note.

I haven't been able to keep up-- I have a lot going on right now with work
and I have been super sick with the flu!

Anyway, I decided to make the shift to humalog from regular in my pump and
I cannot believe the difference.  I have been able to eat and not swing
super high in a couple of hours!  it's great!

My issue is really being frightend about potential lows.  It is a fact with
me that with the stress of work (environmentalist freak that I am), that my
emotions really effect this disease and my sugars witout prediction.

So I am testing like a fiend.

I'll let you know.

My doc said no to mixing with velosolin.  I won't  push the issue until I
know I need to too.  i am just scared, obviously if some of you remember my
stories about injections with humalog-- you know I have had a horrible time
with the stuff and had diabetic siezures (lock jaw, parlization et al.)

Wish me luck!

Oh my hemo went from 8.2 to 7.2! This might not sound great but, last year
(started Feb 98) before I was pumping I was 13! I also have lost about 12
pounds since October  by cutting my carbs further!

ReThinking Paper,
Emily Miggins

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