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[IP] Absorption was:throw pump in lake

<It seems like an absorption problem where maybe insulin is pooling and then
being spit out when the area fills up. >

Every once in a while my daughter will experience what has been described on
this list as "the black hole syndrome" where boluses just don't seem to be
working, almost as if the insulin was pooling, like you described. About a
month ago, we added a new step to her bolus process...after her bolus is
completed, she takes her palm, places it lightly over her site, and gently
massages the area for several seconds. Since we started doing this, we've
had no "black hole" problems, but they weren't terribly frequent anyway, so
its hard to tell if this really helps. It might be worth a try, though.

Betsy, mom of Stephanie (9)

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