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Re: [IP] Ready to throw pump in lake

Hi Edward 

> After almost twelve years on the pump I am ready to toss it in the lake. My
> blood sugars have been outrageous bouncing from 400 to 50 and back again. I
> am on this lovely roller coaster ride that the pump was supposed to make
> obsolete.
                   [ snip ]

Are you using *solely* Humalog?  When I went on the pump (  9/30/98 )
I used Humalog by itself for a number of weeks, then H *quit* on me.
( PU! )  Had BGs in the 400+ range.  ( Ugh! )  Read on one of these
lists about *mixing* H with R ( at, say, 5 to 1 ).  Seems to have
worked ... my H no longer "dies" on me.  Seems H is rather peculiar
and "unstable."  Mixing it with a little R makes it work just fine!

Hope this helps...

John Huff, Dayton OH
( dx @  18 months, now almost  62 yo, pumping since 9/30/98 )
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