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[IP] Ready to throw pump in lake

I'm stumped.

After almost twelve years on the pump I am ready to toss it in the lake. My
blood sugars have been outrageous bouncing from 400 to 50 and back again. I
am on this lovely roller coaster ride that the pump was supposed to make

My diabetes educator says to make sure I change sites and go into areas that
are fresh. Well, I am in a fresh area and my last blood sugar: 409 (yes,
like the cleaner).

Later week, I had a 357 and took 3 units of humalog to bring it down. Three
hours later: 50!

It seems like an absorption problem where maybe insulin is pooling and then
being spit out when the area fills up. MiniMed people and I have done the
diagnostics and everything is fine. They are now sending out a new pump to
just be sure there is nothing mechanical going on.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Is anyone else going through this? I
had better control on shots and I am about to go back to them. 400 blood
sugars are ridiculous for a pumper.


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