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RE: [IP] Gotta Give a Talk!

> Here's the scoop...My husband is a Prof. of Special Education at the
> University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, and teaches folks who want to
> become SPED teachers. One of the mandatory classes all students must take
> how to bolus, etc. she even wants to take a syringe and squirt saline on the
> overhead projector screen so folks can see how little an actual bolus might
> be...she wanted to make everyone take a saline injection in their abdomens,
> but we decided to draw the line!). She'll also give standard background info
> on diabetes and complications.

The best thing to do would really be to make the students all test their bg 
values and give themselves a shot.  You might even be able to contact the 
nursing department for assistance with that - it would cut out the garbage that 
these people might be tempted to spread later - the stuff about "that doesn't 
hurt" or "nobody should mind doing that..."

Give'em all shots.... no, make them all give themselves shots!  That's the one 
thing my wife has always refused to do - and she's a nurse.  She quickly 
stopped telling me how "easy" it all was (back in the dark ages, 17 years ago) 
when I got a bottle of saline from the pharmacist, a bag of 10 syringes and 
handed them to her and said "If it's so easy, let's see you do it."  No more 
statements about how easy it was to take 4 to 6 shots a day...

Randall P. Winchester
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