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Re: [IP] quick release

> Julie Britt wrote:
> I'm just curious- exactly how does the quick release work?  I mean, how does
> the insulin get through it if the needle doesn't actually go into the tubing?
> (does that make sense??)  

The needle goes into a small chamber after going through a rubber diaphragm,
rather like
the insulin vials have on top of the. This space is necessary to allow minor
when reconnecting, to avoid bending the needle. 

I saw a bubble form inside it the other day when I
> reconnected and stuck the needle in...but this doesn't happen al the time,
> just a few times.  Is this bad?

Sounds like the bubble wwas already in there, just hidden by the plastic
then pushed into the tube when you put the needle, and presumably some insulin,
when reconnecting.

It's bad if it leaves you short that much insulin when the bubble gets to the
into you, but can be corrected with a bolus tomake up for it, likely only 0.1

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/