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Re: [IP] Oops!

At 04:39 PM 2/1/1999 EST, you wrote:
>	After school Friday Marisa said, "By the way, Mom, my pump cracked today."
>Oops!!  She said she was standing at her teacher's desk as she was bolusing
>after lunch and dropped it on her desk.  Sure enough, the front screen
>right down the middle.  It was not in a case.  Has anybody else had this
>happen. It is a Disetronic.  The D Consultation  is trying to get hold of a
>rep to see if they will replace it. It works fine, but needless to say-- not
>too waterproof anymore!  
>Mom of Marisa (9)

As long as it is in its first 2 years of use the D pump is totally covered
under warrenty  they told me that if i took a HAMMER to it they would
replace it free of charge...

call Disetronic and talk to the people there..

Brian Carter
ICQ # 27217438
email @ redacted
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