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Re: [IP] Gilbert's Disease

At 02:26 PM 2/1/1999 -0500, you wrote:
>This is for Brian:
>	Gilbert's Disease is pretty uncommon and not at all serious.  It is
>a deficiency in a liver enzyme called glucuronyl transferase that conjugates
>indirect bilirubin into direct bilirubin.  When you have some of the enzyme,
>but not quite enough, you get a build up of indirect bilirubin, usually just
>a little above normal levels.  This is Gilbert's Disease.  It's usually
>picked up coincidentally on fasting labwork.  (The fasting makes the rise in
>indirect bili a little worse).  Hope this answers your questions.  Let me
>know.  Bottom line: something for you to know about, nothing to do with
>diabetes, non-toxic.        Ellen

Thanx Ellen

I was just getting concerned when we were going over Hyperbilirubinemia (i
think that's what it is called) in our Peds class the other day saying one
of the side effects of high Bilirubin is/can be kernicterus..

Thanx for the info..

Brian Carter
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