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Re: [IP] meters

What is the Bayer Dex? Is that thier new round meter?
email @ redacted
At 01:25 PM 2/1/99 , you wrote:
>Ed, everyone has their favorite meter.  The Lifescan is most popular
>largely out of habit--it was one of the first meters, and they then made it
>easy for the phsycician to read recent tests directly from the meter.   I
>used to use one, then switched to the Elite.   I think the Elite is the
>best just like you.  It is tiny, quick, takes little blood, and you can
>easily get the blood from any angle or any part of the finger--no hanging
>drop business to fuss with.  The 3units (upstairs, downstairs, office) I
>use all give close values with the same blood sample.  Because I like the
>Elite so much, I tried the Bayer Dex, but found this to have few of the
>advantages of the Elite, and was much more variable in readings.  But YMMV,
>and everyone has a reason for using what they are.
><<<<<<<<I've been using a Glucometer Elite meter for many years and have
>upgraded along the way. However, I note on the pumpers statistics page
>that the most popular meter by far is the Lifescan One Touch Profile.
>What am I missing? Gee, I always thought my Elite was super & required
>such a small sample.
>Would appreciate your input, especially if someone switched from Elite
>to Lifescan.
>As usual, my gratitude to all for your help & effort supporting each
>other. In the words of  Albert Einstein :  " The important thing is not
>to stop questioning ".
>Ed bogger>>>>>>>>>>
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