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Re: [IP] incorrect glucometer reading

I have found that no matter what meter I have had, I sometimes get bizarre
readings.  If you think it is strange and doesn't mesh with how you feel,
always test again.  The last time it happened to me, it read really high -
300's.  I didn't feel high but sometimes don't.  I was about to give myself
a Humalog bolus when I decided to check again.  I redid the test twice and
my blood sugar was 140's.  If I had taken the insulin, I would have been in
big trouble.  I don't know how often meters are inaccurate, but it pays to

type 1, 19 years
pump, 14 years

Vicki wrote:
>This a.m., when I awoke, I tested my blood sugar as usual.  It read 29.
>Now, I have some hypoglycemic unawareness, but i was sleeping soundly,
>no vision problems, no feeling of confusion or anxiety.  So i tested
>again.  This time my reading was 112.  Much more in keeping with the way
>I felt. (So I tested a third time and got a reading of 119.)
>So here's my question:
>How often do these meters give us incorrect data?  If I had gone just
>with the reading, i would have filled myself with SweeTarts and driven
>my next reading through the roof!
>I use the Accucheck Advantage and expect reliability.  Am I being naive?

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