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Re: [IP] meters

Ed, everyone has their favorite meter.  The Lifescan is most popular
largely out of habit--it was one of the first meters, and they then made it
easy for the phsycician to read recent tests directly from the meter.   I
used to use one, then switched to the Elite.   I think the Elite is the
best just like you.  It is tiny, quick, takes little blood, and you can
easily get the blood from any angle or any part of the finger--no hanging
drop business to fuss with.  The 3units (upstairs, downstairs, office) I
use all give close values with the same blood sample.  Because I like the
Elite so much, I tried the Bayer Dex, but found this to have few of the
advantages of the Elite, and was much more variable in readings.  But YMMV,
and everyone has a reason for using what they are.

<<<<<<<<I've been using a Glucometer Elite meter for many years and have
upgraded along the way. However, I note on the pumpers statistics page
that the most popular meter by far is the Lifescan One Touch Profile.
What am I missing? Gee, I always thought my Elite was super & required
such a small sample.

Would appreciate your input, especially if someone switched from Elite
to Lifescan.

As usual, my gratitude to all for your help & effort supporting each
other. In the words of  Albert Einstein :  " The important thing is not
to stop questioning ".

Ed bogger>>>>>>>>>>


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