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Re: [IP] Humalog temp

 A couple of weeks ago I calculated just how much air would come out of
solution when a full 3 ml syringe warms up from 4 to 24 degrees C (fridge
to room temp).   This was about 20 microliters, which is the equivalent of
2 U of insulin worth of air bubbles.  This may or may not be a problem,
depending on how much insulin one takes, how long the syringe lasts, and
whether the air ever gets into the tubing.   But if you do fill with cold
insulin you can't stop the air from coming out of solution.  It's the law.
(of physics that is).

<<<<<<<I also fill my pump with cold humalog, and I do get bubbles in the
cartridge after a while, but they never get into the tubing.  I wear my
pump in my pocket with the tubing coming up.
Warming the H up might be a good idea, but my life is so variable right
now that I change my site when it needs changing, no set pattern.
~Heather(email @ redacted)>>>>>>>>>>>>


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