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[IP] Re:yawning dogs

Ellen, I surely agree with your WOW!!!
 But I wonder if I could get to meet this dog you keep talking to *S*
I get similar kinds of reponses from my doctor, and think that my medical
bills would be so much less costly if I just could talk to  a dog. LOL

<<<<<just needed to share this with the group... my dog here just yawned when I
told him... *S*... this past week, I wrote for 4 hours each morning
continuously for 5 days for my doctoral prelims... my pump kept my bg's
floating around 115 no matter how much panic and stress!!! there is no way
I would have been able to go through this week without the pump!!!... the
really neat thing is that if I was on a roll *writing* I didn't have to
stop and test, worry about long acting insulin peaking and stoping to do
damage control, and fighting with nasty crashes all which I went through on
shots... I was able to concentrate without the mood swings too!!!

to top it off, I passed the prelims with flying colors... *S*...

anyone who's on this list that is considering a pump, I have nothing to say
except WOW!!!
Ellen B-C
veteran pumper all of 3 weeks... *S*>>>>>>>>


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