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Re: [IP] Glad to be here

Hey Carol:

I know how you feel being the only pumper, practically the only type I in an
area!  In Corsicana, where I lived before NYC, there were a BUNCH of type 2s
and only 1 other type 1 that I every encountered - she was wearing a pump, but
about as timid and unadventurous as they come...I was ON MY OWN - then I
discovered the internet - there was another list like this that I belonged to
- not that crazed lehigh group but another one (Julie Sears? help me out with
the name?) and then thanks to Buddy (and he deserves all the blame when I get
long winded and fiesty herein) I found this group.

Being a loner, naturally, I find it NICE to be able to talk to you people
about our common gripe.  THANKS, and I guess if I have to admit it, I too amd
glad to be here and tomorrow is my assimilation day!!!! 1993

Sara *-)

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