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[IP] Re: Kevin Foley

Kevin wrote:
I was first diagnosed
>at age 31 while an officer with the California Highway Patrol.
>Their blanket exclusionary policy prohibiting type I diabetics
>from holding peace officer positions cost me my job.

Welcome Kevin!
    Hey you ever get to ride with Ponch and John???? <big grin> That is not
uncommon to get canned when they find out your so sweet you have to take
shots for it! Brown & Root will disown you too. Even after the law about
discrimination. If you put diabetes on your application they then tell you
"You are over qualified", "You are under qualified", "We just hired
somebody" etc. I have been IDD since I was 12 and had to lie my butt off in
order to get and keep a job.
    Welcome to the "List". That don't mean we all walk leaning to one side,
Just Sara.

Buddy '-)   email @ redacted

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