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Re: [IP] Urine testing

ME TOO!!!  Urine tests sucked.  and they were so INACCURATE!!!  yeah yeah,
thats all we had, but puhlease!  Now I can do a urine test and be spilling
sugar and my blood sugar is normal, and vice versa - it just depends on what
my spilling threshold happens to be for that particular instance and how much
water I had drunk (drank, drunken,,,which is it???)

I used to spend more time making up fake numbers for those stupid logs - was
this too low to be believeable, was this the right amount of time
elapsed...shoot, I could've just done the damn tests in less time...but then,
I was 16 and had more important things to do...oh shaddup Buddy, you know what
I mean.  I always felt they were a worthless waste of time, and my sister was
recently told by her pediatrician that they were going to give my nephew a
URINE test to test for diabetes - I about popped!!!  In this day and age?  why
would anyone even consider using that as a check for diabetes. Ketones, ok -
good - nice things to test for, ESPECIALLY when you are not eating much, and
you want to avoid starvation ketosis, but for any other purpose.....nope


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