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Re: [IP] Calorie/carb counting

> MJ,
> In reference to different carb to insulin ratios throughout the day with
> myself needing a lower carb to insulin ratio in the mornings than in the day: 
> I know it's not the basal rate because if I fast, my level stays right at 90 -
> 100. Seems that in the mornings I'm more resistant to the insulin or my bod
> just wants more. I have a higher basal rate in the mornings than in the
> evenings as well.

Carb to insulin ratio is CONSTANT
other things may change your insulin requirements. Confusing this 
single item makes control very difficult.

In the morning, a lot of folks have metabolic changes which require 
additional insulin.  This requirement changes with the amount of 
sleep, previous days activity, phase of the moon, etc... :-))

Careful record keeping and some intuiton may reveal that you need a 
'morning bolus' which is somewhat related to yesterday's activity and 
heavily related to your wake-up-time-changes and how rested you 
are from day to day.

Usually eating breakfast really gets the metabolic wheel turning, so 
that just initiates the onset of the requirement for insulin.

Try this.

With your schedule the same for several days, on alternate days eat a 
high/carb vs low/carb breakfast such as eggs vs cereal

calculate your bolus using your standard ratio and record any high 
blood sugar bolus separately.

The total HBS bolus should remain the same (or close to it) even 
though the breakfast bolus changes. The HBS bolus requirement between 
waking and ...say noon is really your morning bolus requirement.

Lily's rule of thumb is rise early(6:30), don't need it. Rise after 
8:00 bolus 1.5 to 2 units extra (depending on all the variable 
stuff). Doesn't matter what she eats for breakfast.

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