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Re: [IP] Infusion sets/ question about UK

> Question:
> John, how is the situation with pumps in UK? Myself I live in Norway and
> pumps is very common here. But a friend of mine lives in Southamton, and he
> want to try a pump, but he got now support from his doctor there. They
> didn't use/recommanded pumps. And he had to pay the hole thing himself.

Erik, Could you email me privately his address or phone no. I'd like to
speak to him...soon! I put a posting on misc.health.diabetes looking for
other pump users in the UK, but so far I've had no response. I know
there aren't many of us, but if we could all be in contact we could try
and change the UK view of pumps.

The problem in the UK is that there is only one health insurer - the
government. And it's all paid for through general taxation. So everyone
gets healthcare for free. The trouble is  government spending is always
squeezed, and they have decided that MDI is an acceptable form of
treatment, and any benefits pumps may confer does not outweigh the extra
cost. So pumps and their supplies are not paid for. End of story. There
is no competition between insurers, and waving DCCT reports has no

Last year I got very depressed about my diabetes. The best years of my
life were ticking by and I was experiencing them through this cloud of
high and low bgs. The doctors weren't concerned - my HBa1c's were fine
(but only because I had as many hypos as highs), but only I seemed to
know that I wasn't as healthy and cheerful as I could be. I switched
myself back to pork insulin, and the night hypos stopped. But things
still weren't right, and I was concerned. I took myself to see a private
specialist in London. We tried a couple of changes, including running
intentionally high bgs for a month to try and stabilize the swings. I
ended up with mild clinical depression all the time. I did my own
research about pumps, mainly over the internet. I went back to see him,
told him I was going on to a pump. He knew very little about them, but
said that was fine. I bought the pump myself and my life has started
again. The clouds have lifted and I have not looked back.

Last month I went back to my local large diabetes clinic for a routine
check-up. They were amazed. Noone had seen a pump before. My specialist
has asked me to come back next month and give a seminar to his staff.
Perhaps I'm making progress 8-)

Eric, I had a really good look around your website last week. Excellent.
I was surprised how much of the Norwegian I could understand - it seems
to be just a mixture of English and German but with funny spelling! I've
got a website about to come online, in the next week or two. Watch this

Going back to the pork insulin and hypos: there seems to be a great
ignorance is America as to the benefits of pork insulin over human
insulin for many diabetics. I am staggered that Lilly and Novo have been
allowed to withdraw their pork insulins completely. One benefit of the
British system is that the government has been able to force Novo to
continue supplying pork insulin indefinitely. I fought hard in the pork
wars in Britain. I hope I can have the same luck with pumps!

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