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Re: [IP] Some sad news

Hi Susan,
	So sorry to hear about your loss. I've been in the same spot multiple
times and I know how it knocks you down.  The good news-
I have two healthy wonderful boys - all of this while on the pump over
the last ten years.

Lori R.

email @ redacted wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Wanted to fill you in on the latest.  My last post was one of good news, but
> not so today.  Yesterday I went to the dr. for a regular check up and
> ultrasound, my world turned completely upside down instead.  They couldn't
> find the baby's heartbeat--figure that it happened a couple of weeks ago.  I'm
> scheduled for a D&C Fri. am.   Am not looking forward to that as I hate the
> feeling of not being in control.  I've asked to just be sedated and not
> completely put under.  I've talked to the endo's office about what I need to
> do as far as the pump, etc.  It certainly does help having the pump.
> Diabetes wise everything was going just fine......May know something more in a
> couple of weeks when I go in for a followup visit and get the pathology
> report.  Blood sugars were a rollercoaster yesterday, but figure that it was
> due to stress.  I'm determined though to keep the blood sugars to the levels
> that I've been at the past couple of months so that I'll be even better
> prepared for when we get the go ahead to try again.  Don't plan to rush into
> anything, will have to take things a day at a time for awhile.  By the way I
> was on Humalog (I know that there was talk of that in connection with
> pregnancy recently on the list).  Would there be anyway of knowing if that
> could have been the cause?  Any tests that could be done on the baby to find
> that?  Can't help but wonder, as a million other things have crossed by mind.
> The endo. I see has alot of his pump/pregnant patients on Humalog with no
> problems.  Guess it's nature to search for answers even when there may not be
> any explaination for what has happened.
> Sorry to ramble...I'm just not really with it today.
> Thanks for your help
> Susan G.
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Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/