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[IP] Lori and exercise ... again

I need help, or confidence, or something.  I am supposed to work out today, but don't know if I should or rather how I should.  I have confirmed that if I keep my heartrate to an indicated 85% of max, I don't run into the ketones problems, and my bgs actually decrease about 3 - 4 hours after exercise.  I have been increasing basals by 150%  about 2.25 hours before I workout, drinking my 2 cups of skim milk, and taking .4 units as a bolus.  I'm running low today.  I've had my basal set at a temp of 0 sporadically (2 separate 30 minute intervals).  Of course I can't get my docs office to answer the phone - and I don't think they'd be too helpful anyway.  Ideas?  Thanks.
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